Azure NetApp Files: Enable Alerting

Azure NetApp Files is Microsoft’s enterprise shared file service (read more here). As a first party service is allows you to deploy private NFS & SMB storage to your VNETs in seconds. As it is a Microsoft first party service, it also allows you to easily monitor key metrics via the Azure Monitor. I will run through an example below, where I create and set an alert on a 100GB volume that will raise an alert to my Azure app installed on my mobile device. I could quite easily change this to SMS, Email, Teams, Slack, etc and also specify … Continue reading Azure NetApp Files: Enable Alerting

How to: Configure Kubernetes or OpenShift to use the most performant file storage on Azure

On June 1st 2019, Microsoft announced the GA of their latest shared file service: Azure NetApp Files (ANF)– a PaaS shared file service supporting both NFS/SMB protocols for enterprise workloads. NetApp technology is widely used in many on-premise deployments with Kubernetes and OpenShift today, however, the launch of ANF allows Azure users to take advantage of this ultra-low latency and high-performance platform without having to know ANY NetApp at all. Let’s just recap on that again: “without having to know ANY NetApp at all” Now, with the release of Trident (19.10) – a dynamic storage provisioner for Kubernetes / OpenShift / Docker, … Continue reading How to: Configure Kubernetes or OpenShift to use the most performant file storage on Azure

Hello World!

I’m here to share first hand information I’ve learnt from my interactions with hundreds of the leading Azure consumers across the world. You’ll find quick-starts, videos and simple, concise explanations of Azure best practices, trends and how-tos that can help you get started quickly. Why do this? Because it will help you the get started quicker and save you from common mistakes Because it helps to have a single place to reference for all your Azure advanced topics Because I want to to give back to the community. Countless amounts of mentors, colleagues and partners have helped me during my … Continue reading Hello World!