Data replication between Azure regions just got easier with Azure NetApp Files.

What is cross-region replication For anyone reading this that doesn’t know what ANF is; it’s a Microsoft shared file service that is native to Azure (first-party). That means it’s supported and sold by Microsoft themselves, just like premium and ultra managed disk. Now that’s out of the way let’s get to the exciting news: Cross-RegionContinue reading “Data replication between Azure regions just got easier with Azure NetApp Files.”

Azure NetApp Files: May Update

Another month has passed and with it another development sprint of Microsoft’s shared files platform has been delivered. In this release the following features and enhancements have been delivered: Backup Policy Users for SMB/Active Directory Connections This feature allows for the use of privileged (i.e. a non AD administrator account) when migrating data to SMBContinue reading “Azure NetApp Files: May Update”

How to: K3s on Raspberry Pi

Taking a break from pure Azure deployments, I decided to try my hand at building a small Kubernetes cluster that would allow me to learn and develop applications quickly at home without burning any of my Azure credits. Of course I could easily deploy on an AKS cluster, but I want to learn more aboutContinue reading “How to: K3s on Raspberry Pi”

How To: Azure Kubernetes Service – Enable Dynamic Provisioning (Part 1)

Tired of manually managing PVCs and static storage classes? Then look no further, in the 2 part video series I’ll be taking you through the steps required to enable dynamic storage provisioning using Azure NetApp Files as an example of what responsive, low-latency, high-performance storage can do for your k8s applications. Video Guide Step-by-Step CreateContinue reading “How To: Azure Kubernetes Service – Enable Dynamic Provisioning (Part 1)”

πŸš€ Azure NetApp Files in 2020: January Update πŸš€

We’re barely into January 2020 and already the team has been hard at work to bring new features and enhancements to the Azure NetApp Files service for Azure users. Join Geert Van Teylingen (Microsoft – GBB Tech Specialist for Azure Advanced Storage) & myself (NetApp – Principal Architect) as we run through the latest inContinue reading “πŸš€ Azure NetApp Files in 2020: January Update πŸš€”

Azure NetApp Files: December Update

This month the team have been busy working on a series of new features and enhancements for Microsofts enterprise shared file service. Release Notes In-Place Snapshot Restore (Private Preview) Azure NetApp Files has gained the ability to roll back an entire volume to any selected restore point. This is a very powerful feature and canContinue reading “Azure NetApp Files: December Update”

Azure NetApp Files: Enable Alerting

Azure NetApp Files is Microsoft’s enterprise shared file service (read more here). As a first party service is allows you to deploy private NFS & SMB storage to your VNETs in seconds. As it is a Microsoft first party service, it also allows you to easily monitor key metrics via the Azure Monitor. I willContinue reading “Azure NetApp Files: Enable Alerting”

ANF Scheduler: December Update

For users of Azure NetApp Files the ability to take on demand snapshots and instantly restore any application is a powerful one. Snapshots can be taken on demand or triggered via API, PowerShell or CLI easily, however many customers would like an easy to deploy, secure method of taking snapshots at a regular interval withContinue reading “ANF Scheduler: December Update”