Azure NetApp Files: September 2020 Update

The team has been busy over the last month working on some great new features for all ANF users.

Here are the latest features:

Cross-Regional Replication is now public preview

That right, you can now benefit from ultra fast, efficient regional replication without having to configure any additional networking of VM based replication. Get started easily by provisioning a volume and clicking the replication blade.

Screenshot of the Azure blade displaying the AD settings for Azure NetApp Files account.

LDAP Signing is now enabled (Optional)

Optional LDAP signing : secure LDAP lookups between the Azure NetApp Files service and the user-specified Active Directory Domain Services domain controllers. For more information, see ADV190023 | Microsoft Guidance for Enabling LDAP Channel Binding and LDAP Signing

AES Encryption on LDAP to DC (Optional)

AES encryption on LDAP connection to DC as optional feature – you can enable AES encryption for an SMB volume by checking the AES Encryption box in the Join Active Directory window.

New Metrics available

There are new volume and pool metrics available in the metrics monitor:

Volume metrics

Volume allocated size : Provisioned size of volume

Capacity Pool metrics

Pool allocated size: Provisioned size of the pool

Total snapshot size for the pool: sum of snapshot size from all volumes in the pool

And that’s all for this week’s update – stay tuned for more ANF updates and articles.

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