Hello World!

I’m here to share first hand information I’ve learnt from my interactions with hundreds of the leading Azure consumers across the world.

You’ll find quick-starts, videos and simple, concise explanations of Azure best practices, trends and how-tos that can help you get started quickly.

Why do this?

  • Because it will help you the get started quicker and save you from common mistakes
  • Because it helps to have a single place to reference for all your Azure advanced topics
  • Because I want to to give back to the community. Countless amounts of mentors, colleagues and partners have helped me during my career. This is me trying to give back.

I’ve been in IT since 2005, starting out as first-line support then moving through positions such as second-line support, technical officer, lead storage architect, systems engineer, technical analyst, technical solutions architect (Microsoft), cloud solutions architect to my current position of Principal Technologist for Azure solutions at NetApp.

My role allows me to work with the biggest Azure consumers on the planet across a variety of projects spanning from high-performance compute (HPC), geoseismic modelling, genome sequencing, virtual desktop (WVD), database (SAP HANA, SAP, Oracle, SQL), enterprise files and much much more.

I hope you’ll find this blog useful and informative!

All the best!


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