How To: Auto-mount an NFS Azure NetApp Files Share

Because rebooting and losing your drive is not so cool.

Everyone, 2019

Shared files systems have been at the core of enterprise data systems for what seems an eternity, but only now are we seeing enterprise class data services being offered natively within the public cloud. This means that a whole new technical audience exists that may have not ever used NFS or SMB services.

We’ll be showing how to use ensure that your NFS based Azure NetApp Files volume are automatically mounted in your unix/linux hosts upon a reboot.

In addition to the content in the video above, my friend and colleague Geert Van Teylingen (Microsoft Global Black Belt – Advanced Azure Data Services – EMEA) has provided some general naming guidance when creating your mount directories:

NFS mounts are typically done in /mnt, so if your volume is called ‘vol1’ your mount point would be /mnt/vol1

Other typical examples are:

  • /hana/shared <- HANA shared files
  • /usr/sap/ANF <- Installation directory for SID ANF
  • /hana/data/ANF/mnt00001 <- HANA DATA file mount point /hana/log/ANF/mnt00001 <- HANA LOG file mount point
  • /oracle <- Oracle database volume

Thanks Geert (aka Tom!)

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